Borderlands 3 Conference Call

During the middle of 2018, Gearbox Software announced that it was working on a new game called Borderlands 3. This announcement caught many by surprise, as it had been nearly four years since the last entry in the series, Borderlands 2.

Since then, fans have been wondering if and when they will get another sequel to this popular video game series. Now, with this new game, fans can look forward to more content as development is still ongoing!

This article will talk about some of the information that developers from Gearbox and publisher Bandaid Capital Corporation have said about this upcoming sequel to one of gaming’s best-known franchises.

Conference call highlights

borderlands 3 conference call

A variety of new features will be introduced in Borderlands 3, some of which may not be visible at first. These new features will add more depth to the game and challenge players to keep up.

One of the new features that will be introduced is a conference call feature. When this feature is turned on, players can join a conference call with other players nearby. This gives other players an opportunity to chat with you while playing the game, making it more interactive.

Players can turn on and off the conference call feature at any time by accessing their account settings or via the game’s app.

Another new feature is called vault trigger points. These are spots on the map where treasure chests appear to trigger after being opened. By finding these places and setting up vault triggers, you will find much faster than before.

Announcements for Borderlands 3

borderlands 3 conference call

A lot is going to happen in the next Borderlands game. There will be a new game, a continuation of the previous games, and an expansion pack. While not too much is confirmed at this time, we can expect some form of DLC at launch.

The new game will take place after Pandora has been devastated by war and there are no more groups or rulers. This new world will need to be defended against large threats, such as another Vault Hunter or group coming to steal your loot.

The continuation of the previous games will involve returning characters and circumstances. Due to how much has changed in the new world, they may have needed a little adjusting to make them feel right again.

Release date set for September 13, 2019

borderlands 3 conference call

After a year and a half, Borderlands 3 will release on September 13, 2019. At the conference call, Gearbox Co-President Joshynes teased that there would be a DLC pack coming in October.

The October add-on will add Sir Hammerlock’s Bronze Bucket missions, which reward players with new armor sets. Hammerlock is a legendary Paladin from the original Borderlands who was missing his armor at some point.

These new missions will provide players another set of content to enjoy, alongside upcoming free content updates. Gearbox also confirmed that they were working on an update to fix the client bugs plaguing players since launch, which is always welcome!

Fans were also excited to learn that there would be more guns in the game, as well as new areas to explore.

Pre-ordering now available

borderlands 3 conference call

Pre-ordering your copy of Borderlands 3 now available in stores and online will give you a few rewards. You will receive early access to the game at launch, and you will also be rewarded with in-game currency as an reward.

In-game currency is an economy system that can be used to purchase things in the game, like gems or cloth for crafting. By pre-ordering the game at release, you will get early access to the game as well as reward rewards.

Pre-orders aren’t required by anyone except for those who want early access to the game and reward rewards. Early access means being able to play before other players have finished developing the game so they can add new features and content.

Pre-order bonuses are sometimes limited to just one item, so it is important to look at what items are required for success in the game.

New features coming to Borderlands 3

borderlands 3 conference call

While there are no definite details on what new features will be in Borderlands 3, fans can expect some new ones to arrive. One major change players can look forward to is the return of legendary loot.

Legendary loot has been a feature of the Borderlands series since the beginning. When a character was level-appropriate for that loot, they received a piece of it as part of their inventory.

When they died, it went back into the pool to be retrieved by someone else who was better equipped for it. It was an integral part of the series, as each character had their own set which was usually hard to acquire and wear down.

Players could find comfort in knowing that when they were finished with it, it would stay around for someone else to use as part of their arsenal.

Four new characters announced

borderlands 3 conference call

A new character has been announced for Borderlands 3, making her debut in the conference call. Her name is Cynda and she’s a robot.

She was introduced in the second game, so if you haven’t played it yet, you can take a peek at her by clicking here!

During the conference call, Gearbox President Randy Apple said that she was designed to help humans fight in an industrial war. This war is still going on as of now, but not everyone is human and she’s there to bring down enemy robots.

Her design is very military-ish with lots of futuristic looking components. She has a battle helmet that can repair or destroy robots, a shield that can shift from defensive or offensive, and a gun that can fire high-energy projectiles or nuclear warheads.

Two new game modes announced

borderlands 3 conference call

A new game mode is set to be announced at this year’s conference call, and it will change the way players play Borderlands. In addition to playing against the computer, players can also compete in a single-elimination tournament system.

The tournament system will let players create their own teams of five characters and compete in matches against other teams. The winner of the tournament will receive a code to enter for free access to the full game.

Teamwork is key in competitive gameplay, so this will make for interesting ruleset development. Having one person create the team and putting up a match up fight between them is an easy way to foster teamwork and camaraderie.

Teamwork is key in competitive gameplay, so this will make for interesting ruleset development.

Hands-on demos at E3 2018 revealed some details about the game

borderlands 3 conference call

A new game mode called Wanted Mode was revealed at E3 2018, serving as a variation on the standard loot-hunger experience. Players will be able to upgrade their weapons and skills to increase their chances of reaching objectives in Wanted Mode.

The mode will also include different objectives for Wanted mode runs, making it more complicated than just collecting all the items in an area.

Wanted Mode is not the only new mode in Borderlands 3 players will encounter. Another new mode is Infamy Mode, which players can play if they complete certain objectives. This may make sense for a reward system in an update where players might be rewarded for good behavior in the game.

Borderlands 3 will feature high-tech guns that require special ammunition to work correctly.

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