Best Vocal Plugins For Pro Tools

Pro Tools is a major program used by audio engineers and production professionals. It is widely regarded as the gold standard in recording and producing equipment.

Because of its status as the standard in production technology, Pro Tools has become quite the commodity. This has led to many plug-ins andsellable products for Pro Tools.

Many companies create plug-ins for Pro Tools that are exclusive to their company or that enhance existing plug-ins. This can be a little frustrating at times, as there may be a better fit for someone else if they did not purchase their own version of the plugin.


Autotuning is a very popular way to modify the timbre of a track. Autotune allows you to do this by placing a computer-generated signal into your audio.

This signal can be created using software or radio-style automated tuning. Many programs offer both, making it relatively easy to add autotune to your tracks.

Some programs require registration, while others are free available without registration. Most look pretty professional and are labeled as such, right?

Not if you are looking at music production! Many non-musicians find automating their work too difficult and/or cost-prohibitive.

Avox 4) Harmony 5) Alter Ego 6) Epic Verb 7) Crystallizer 8) Vocal Doubler 9) Doubletrack 10) Vocal Trash

There are a plethora of voice plugins for audio programs such as Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Audition. Many of them have companion apps for mixing and mastering, making it a very integrated process.

Some of the more popular vocal plugins are the one-click wonders. These plug-ins can be installed in the most recent versions of Pro Tools and other audio software applications.

As opposed to having to learn different voices for each role, with the one-click wonders you can create a single voice that fits for all your projects! This reduces unnecessary effort and time needed to use the plugin, which is always helpful.