Best Smelling Essential Oils For Home

Essential oils are a beautiful addition to any room. They can be used in areas such a bedrooms or offices where space is limited. With appropriate usage, they can add a nice ambiance to any environment.

There are many ways to introduce the oil into your home. You can purchase small squirts of oil and place around your home as décor components blend well together. You can also find large vats of oil that you place on your breakfast table and breakfast is served right away!

Both of these methods involve the use of safety measures, as the person putting forth the effort knows what effects they are having on the person being educated.


Lavender oil

Lavender is one of the most commonly used oils. It is notably in use in cooking and household products, as well as medicinal benefits.

Lavender is an oil that can be used in a large range of applications. These include room sprays, essential oil diffusers, valerian oil capsules, and valerian root tea.

As with most herbs that are not clearly marked as a oil, lavender must be extracted first. This can be difficult and expensive if you do not have access to a lavender farm.

However, you can make your own! Lavender is a easy way to get some extra soothing and calming effects of the oil.

Lemon oil

Was last on the list of most popular smelling oils for home aromatherapy. Now, it has a new place as the base scent for many scented products.

Lemon is one of the most recognizable scents. It is synonymous with lemonade and lemons, making it a popular flavor addition.

Because it is such an iconic flavor, you will find many brands that use it as the base scent for their products. This makes it very easy to create appealing products, like perfumes and colognes.

Many people find this oil to be relaxing, which is great when you are trying to relax before or after some household chores. You can also use this as a freshener if you do not have any lemon furniture oils.

Peppermint oil

A world away from the crisp, clean aroma of peppermint oil, the ones listed here are far more invigorating. If you are a fan of warm and fuzzy commercials like You Don’t Know Jackson, you will love these oils!

These oils are especially nice when paired with a motion sensor light so you can feel the cool sensation on your skin as you apply the oil. It is also nice when paired with a heat mirror carrel cashmere because it acts as a soft blanket to relax your face and body.

As mentioned before, these oils are good for EVERY area of the body. They can be used on feet, hands, lips, and head to reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Tea tree oil

Classified as an oil, tea tree oil can be used directly as a massage oil. This is a great way to begin learning about essential oils as they can be used both top and bottom.

As an anti-bothseptic, tea tree oil can be very effective in cleaning your home and property. It can remove smells too!

Since it is also classified as a drying oil, you will need to make sure to apply it evenly and properly. Once applied, let it sit for as long as the temperature of the oil allows it.

Once you start using your tea tree oil at home, you will want to acquire some safer variants. These may not contain the same chemicals but are still anti-bothseptic! Try searching online for safe essential oils.

Violet oil

Made famous in movies such as The Blind Side and Love the Coarsest Oil is Used in Massage is Violet Oil.

Heavily advertised in mass culture, violet oil is used in numerous ways. It is a popular kitchen oil as well as an air freshener. It can be used to scent water dispensers and programs like LifeCycle Mints.

Violet oil can also be used as a personal fragrance or cologne. Many people find it smells nicer than straight vanilla oil, which is typically used for fragrances.

Patchouli oil

Patchouli is a traditional oil used in aromatherapy. It has been used as a scent for centuries, and today it is very popular.

Paraffin wax is one of the oldest oils used. It has been a scent for forever! Today, you can find it in many products including lotions and perfumes.

Because it takes time and practice to learn how to use essential oils, the best way is to start with ones that are very low in concentration. For instance, try trying rice bran oil before alligator oil or just plain old olive oil. Both of these have been used for years with no widespread recognition of a difference in properties.

Although both Patchouli Oil and Paraffin Wax are named patchouli, the flavor of these oils are completely different. While Patchouli Oil has a stronger smell, the texture is same as natural rubber plug-in-cartridge.

Eucalyptus oil

With over a decade of experience as a licensed essential oil aromatherapist, Eucalyptus is the most popular oil used as a fragrance. This can be trusted as it is more than just a color or flavorless oil.

It is created from the plant known as eucalyptus, which is an evergreen tree native to Asia and Africa. It has been used in history for its scent and medicinal properties.

Today, eucalyptol is most commonly found mixed with geraniol and lavender oils to create The Essential Oil Blend. This blend has been used by thousands of people looking for an uplifting, comforting scent.

Cinnamon bark oil

There are many ways to use cinnamon. You can make galettes or breads with it, you can add it to smoothies or baking with it, or you can add it as a fragrance.

Cinnamon is a natural flavor that adds texture to many foods including sweets and drinks as well as savories. When paired with essential oils, it can be used in beauty products and aromatics.

Mostly found in the autumn, during this time is when cinnamon sticks are the most gorgeous. Now is the perfect time to start collecting them because they will soon be sold-out.

cinnamon is most commonly paired with clove oil but any strong oil will work. Make sure you do not oversaturate your fragrance because of this- some people prefer just the milder scent of cinnamon without too much overpowering scent.

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