Top 4 Best Push Lawn Mower to Buy

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If you need high-powered lawn mower to cut grass from various thickness and height, you need the best push lawn mower products. Despite the huge popularity of battery powered lawn mowers, gas powered lawn mowers still have their own advantages. They tend to be more robust in power and longer in period usage. In addition, gas powered push lawn mowers now appear in compact designs, compared to older models.

Newer models of push lawn mower products also have several height adjustment and discharging options, so you can work more conveniently. Gone are lawn mowers with a bulky model; these machines are now easier to store, thanks to more compact form and collapsible handle.

These machines are perfect for mowing on more difficult lawn area and easy to push and maneuver. They conduct powerful cutting job and provide several options for height adjustment. Here are four reviews of the best push lawn mower products.

Our Recommendation

Here are some best push lawn mower to buy that we recommended as the best. So, if you are looking any of those, feel free to read the full article. Hope you can buy the best one.

1. Gas Push Lawn Mower

One of the best push lawn mower to buy is Gas push lawn mower. It is still attracts many lawn owners despite slightly unfavorable reviews about them regarding of environmental impact. However, newer gas push lawn mower such as 5521P from Husqvarna has more efficient and low-emission machine model. In addition, if you have a large yard and need a powerful lawn mower that is easy to handle, 5521P is among the best options for gas push lawn mower.

Husqvarna 5521 P has a distinctive look with larger rear wheels, designed for easier push on thick and high grass. It may look bulky, but it can be stored easily after you fold the handle. Here are some special specs on this gas powered push lawn mower:

  • 12 inch diameter of rear wheels and 8-inch diameter of front wheels for easier pushing and maneuvering.
  • Powerful machine with 140 cc engine capacity and 5 ½-torque blade for faster and more effective mowing.
  • Three options for grass clippings discharging; mulching, side discharging and grass clipping bag located on the rear part. Switching between functions is easy because it is just using a switch.

This is the best push lawn mower for gas-powered mower. It is powerful and easy to maneuver and store, and it has low emission.

2. Manual Push Lawn Mower

For those who do not want to be bothered with fuel and gas or battery charging, manual push lawn mower is your choice. Fiskars 6201 from StaySharp is a manual lawn mower with easy operation and new technology that makes mowing easier despite the lack of battery or gas. This manual lawn mower also has several functions and technology to support various levels of cutting jobs, from regular mowing to tougher mowing.

This mower is lighter and easier to push, easy to store and great in cutting performance. Here are the specs for Fiskars 6201 that make it better than any other manual lawn mowers:

  • Inertia Drive technology that makes the machine easier to push, even when you do tough mowing jobs like cutting long Southern grass species
  • Non-touching blades, cutting grass more effectively while lengthen the age of blades
  • Special discharging chute that throws grass clippings far from your feet, so you can just walk without stop because you must clean your feet
  • More powerful reeling system to help you cutting tough and tall grass

With all those powerful features, this is the best push lawn mower among non-battery and non-gas mowers.

3. Electric Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Electric push lawn mower is an option for those who appreciate environmentally friendly technology. Cordless push lawn mower such as 4025 U from Gardena is a push lawn mower powered with powerful 25V lithium battery. However, this Gardena product is unique because you can also use it as manual lawn mower with reel system. Therefore, your push lawn mower will not sit idly even when the battery is charged.

Apart from its green technology and non-emission quality, Gardena 4025 also has some state of the art features that make mowing way easier. Here are the featured specs of this cordless push lawn mower:

  • Handle bar and grip with ergonomic shape, easier to grip and comfortable to push. The function switch is located at the right spot for easy access.
  • 25V lithium battery, gives longer cutting time, plus LED battery power indicator to tell you when you must charge the battery.
  • Several cutting adjustment options, with convenient button located near your hand on the handle
  • Double style of usage; as a cordless, battery-powered mower and as manual, non-battery lawn mower

Gardena 4205U provides practical features that improve your work productivity, because you can use it as either battery powered or manual lawn mower. This is the best push lawn mower for better productivity.

4. Push Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

Another great product from GreenWorks, it is a manual, reel lawn mower without gas and fuel, and even a battery. You can mow your lawn anytime without depending on electric supply or gas. The compact shape and ergonomic handle covered with foam makes pushing more comfortable when you maneuver your mower through various grass heights and thickness.

GreenWorks 25052 has a unique feature behind its body, namely, the grass catcher. It helps in protecting your feet from grass discharging. There are also several height adjustment systems. Although you do need to assemble this product before using it for the first time, the whole process is easy because of its compact form.Compact form makes this manual lawn mower easy to push, and maneuver even around narrow lines between flowerbeds or unique landscape elements.

Other features from GreenWorks 25052 include:

  • Helical blades with precise cutting works and durable metal; last longer than many other manual lawn mower products and cut grass faster
  • Three options for height adjustment; the lowest is 1.125 inch, and the highest is 2.25 inch
  • Large wheels with 10 inch in diameter to facilitate pushing and maneuvering

If you only need simple, practical manual lawn mower to cut small or medium sized yard, this is the best push lawn mower for you.


There are four products of push lawn mower to choose; there is gas powered lawn mower, cordless lawn mower and two manual lawn mowers. If you need robust machine power that can help with difficult cutting job, you can choose Husqvarna. Despite its gas power, it is not as noisy as old models and it has low emission.

This is a powerful machine, which is perfect for mowing a large yard. If you are more concerned about environmental impact, choose Gardena 4025. Plus point of this lawn mower is that you can use it either as cordless lawn mower or manual lawn mower when the battery is being charged.

Two manual push lawn mowers from StaySharp and Greenworks look like tiring products to use, but they have better cutting power than older models do. You do not depend on batteries, electric power supply and gas to use these lawn mowers.

If you live alone or have only a small yard and you do not want to be bothered with battery charging and gas filling, choose these manual push lawn mowers. So far, these four are among the best push lawn mower to buy products.

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