Best Midi Controller For Pro Tools

Midi controllers are a popular way to control the cursor and features on digital devices. Many people use them for playing games as well.

Midi controllers come in different sizes and styles, making it possible to find the one for you. Some are for left or right handed users, some are wireless, and some have buttons.

The key feature of a MIDI controller is how you use it. The buttons can be programmed to function as parameters on a software program, or they can be programmed as musical notes.

The best ones can match my hands perfectly, have good length of travel, and have buttons that respond well to programming.

Find the perfect balance

While most dance controllers have a limited range of motion and/or configuration options, there are some that have almost limitless possibilities. Some offer motion capture functionality, making them the perfect fit forimes!

Many of these models are designed to be used in conjunction with your computer, providing additional features and configurability via software. This can make the difference between a fun tool to play with and a true workhorse.

If you are looking for a midi controller that is functional but not overly fancy, check out the WD MyU8. This model does not require configuration as much as the other models discussed here, making it an easy choice if you do not want or need additional features.

This model does not offer any kind of motion capture capability, however! If you are looking for that feature, take a look at the next model-the SPD-S1.

Size matters

While most midi controllers are made for dance or gaming, the size of the controller can make a difference in other areas too.

Make no mistake, a midi controller is huge. At its widest point, it is almost twice the length of the device it is connected to. This makes it difficult to fit into small spaces, such as on a computer desktop.

For example,considering that many computer monitors come with limited space available between them and the midi controller itself? It makes sense that an extra-large midi controller would not be compatible with any one computer.

However, if you were going to use this controller in a performance setting, then it would be important that it was able to fit in securely and comfortably. An oversized midi controller may not fit well in this situation.


If you are working with a Mac, you may have heard the term “ MIDI” and “ USB” as alternatives to the Apple-only term “ MIDI.” In this article, we will discuss which one is best and why.

Midi controllers can be either USB or MIDI. A MIDI controller can be connected to a synthesizer, music software, or hardware device that allows for electronic manipulation. A USB midi controller can be connected to a synthesizer, music software, or hardware device that allows for electronic manipulation.

The difference between a USB midi controller and a generic midi controller is the structure of the control panel. The generic midi control panel does not have any buttons or controls that are specific to just one app or instrument.

Key count is key

When it comes to a MIDI controller, there are two main things to consider: its key count and how many keys it has. Key counts range fromveztoavely(VVV) tovequire(VEQ).

VEQ modules typically have eight or sixteen keys, making them very versatile. Most popular applications for VEQs include light keyboarders, electric guitarists, synthesizer players, and computer programmers due to its use as a hands-on training tool.

The eight or sixteen key variation can be important for some applications, such as an updated physical piano that has no middle section. This new physical piano would be used for technical training instead of recreational.

When looking at key count versus VEQ range, the twelve-key version has less range than the eight or sixteen-key version. Therefore, the twelve-key version is recommended for more powerful computers and users who need more keys.

Know your budget

When looking at midi controllers, there are a few things that you should take into account. Do you need a gamepad, or can you just use the keyboard and mouse?

Midi controllers are for those who work with music a lot. Due to the nature of music, those who work with music most frequently will always have a controller on them.

The majority of the time you will need to press two buttons together in order to perform an action such as controlling an instrument or selecting an item. The ones that don’t require two buttons usually have one or two small features that require them to be pressed together in order for it to work.

The ones with two small features usually represent something special like lighting up or being able to wear undergarments without it being bulky.

Touch strips are useful

Having the ability to customize your software is an invaluable tool when working with music. With the right touch strip, you can turn your favorite screen application into a music composer!

Many app developers offer customtouch strips as part of their products. Most have features such as undo and redo, unlimited uses, and easy to learn controls.

Pad buttons are nice

They make it easy to access and use some of your more complex controls in Pro Tools. With the right button combination, you can quickly access menu, step, and track modes.

In mode, you can change the color on the pad to indicate which control is being operated. The step and track modes allow you to navigate through tracks or steps in a track.

In mode, you can change the color on the pad to indicate which control is being operated. The step and track modes allow you to navigate through tracks or steps in a track.

Mode also has customizable buttons that can be assigned any function. These are nice and easy to use with all kinds of users.

Dedicate your dollars to the best midi controller for pro tools10) Learn how to use a midi keyboard

When buying a midi controller for your pro tools, there are several things to take into account. You will need a computer to program the controller, and then you can start playing!

Many midi controllers do not have programs that transfer to a new device? This can be problematic if you have to send your controller due to software error or lack of support. Having the ability to transfer programs between devices is important!

In this article, we will talk about some specific ways to use the best midi keyboard for pro tools. We will also discuss some alternatives that may work similarly.