Bachelorette Party Ideas At Home

Being on a romantic trip or being in a romantic relationship makes both of you feel special and make your party ideas at home very cute.

Parade is the word that describes this party style. It is very event-oriented and requires a lot of prep work. You will need to get the kids organized, decorations ordered, and the activity planned.


Have a pole dancing lesson

A bachelor party trick is to have a pole dancing lesson. A teacher will give the groom, the opportunity to get his feeton the ground and learn how to pole dance. This is an awesome way to show your husband how much you love him by letting him learn something new.

The bride and groom can get their clothes cleaned up, if they go that route, and then they can go dancing. It is a great way to bond as a couple as they practice together in front of each other and the room.

Host a spa day

A spa day is a fun way to get the family together and enjoy some relaxation. While at the spa, they can also learn some new spa treatments or have a medical checkup.

At home, you can set up a bathroom area for the party members to hang out in and create a relaxing environment. They can visit one of the many steam rooms or saunas that are available at the party site.

The best part about having a bath party is that everyone can have a separate bath! You can rent either regular or special Bathtubs or Shams to cover all your guests.

If you are only renting one item of bathing equipment, then you should probably get something light because there will be plenty of people who will go in and out of the water.

Bake cakes and have a cake-eating contest

Make a cake that you are responsible for decorating and sending into the oven. You can also have a cake-eating contest to determine who gets the most presents.

Make some kind of chocolate chip cookie or make your favorite treat and send it out in the form of a bake sale. either way they will have a great time doing both!

Dress up all of your guests as people from the past or as somebody from your party today. These guys are sure to fun!

Invite some old guys out of the closet to join your party. They will sure enjoy doing yoga and talking about old times together. Or, if you are more modern, invite some modern guys out of the closet!

Regardless of what kind of party guests they are, they will be very appreciated by the guests as a whole.

Hold a raffle

Create a raffle ticket type system and give each guest a piece of paper with their assigned spot on it. This way, guests can decide if they want to come or not, but they will be involved in the party in some way.

Make the raffle open and close based on the time of year or event, like a Christmas card might get you a showering, summer party gets you water balloons.

If you are going with the same theme as the wedding, go all-out! If not, try something new like flowers or an exotic themed party.

Try having different types of food or drinks for sale at the party to keep things interesting.

Have a quoted poetry reading

Did you get a chance to read some new poetry this year? Did you enjoy it? If not, why not?

Lived up to the challenge? Made a fun connection? If so, that is what party ideas at home is for!

With recent trends of using technology as an entertainment device, reading aloud together is a fun way to connect. Plus, this form of entertainment is always low-maintenance. You can do this anywhere: in your own home, in a school classroom, at a community event, or on the wedding ceremony venue’s list of “party” requirements.

Having readers alike read aloud together can be awkward at first, especially if one person does not feel comfortable with the material they are reading. Luckily, there are some tips for getting started.

Play card games

Bachelorette party games are all about having fun with themself! Are you the best player or the best card player? Then get into your game and have some fun!

Casino is a popular game during a bachelorette party. While playing a classic casino game like black-or-white-suited poker, you can create various scenarios to decide who gets what cards.

Some examples include: One person gets trues, two people get doubles, four people get singles, and six get eights. When creating these scenarios, make sure they are fair so one person does not get left out.

Dice is another great game for getting started in regards to bachelorette party games.

Watch chick flicks

Make a movie night. You can do this at home or in a movie theater. Either way, you need supplies!

Do A Double Take For The Rest Of Your Life. These are usually very popular movies and/or events, so you should have plenty of supplies.

Buy or make ticketed event-theater-type settings if you are going to the movies at home. If not, find a movie theater that is close to your house.

If you can’t meet up in the middle of the night before party planning begins, then do some early morning practice runs before the party day-get it out of the house, do some chores, and feel free to get things done ahead of time.

Have a neon dance party

Are you the best dancer in the world? Then why not have a neon dance party at home! Using colored balloons and streamers, you can create your own dancing competition!

The best part is, you can do this at any time as they are always new technologies to have on hand. You can even go all-in or just watch them dance in awe!

If you are a poor dancer but do not want to give up on yourself or your guests because of that, then try some of the easier moves first. There are no rules, just make sure they are seen!

There are many ways to do neon dance lessons, so there is no one right way to do it. It is all about getting the feel of the movement and being comfortable with little steps.

Dance is a good way to get your heart beating again after an eventful day. Heading out to a party or event is maybe once per year, so this is good backup.