Average Cost Of Nursing Home In Michigan

Finding a nursing home in Michigan is challenging. They are usually listed in a phone book or online, which makes it even harder to find. Due to their high demand, most commercial companies merge into a single category: skilled nursing facility.

This is why average cost of nursing home is discussed here. This does not mean that all homes are the same, as some cost more than others. It is important to compare costs based on different levels of care.

Typically, skilled care facilities have an upper limit on how much you can receive per day. This includes meals, activities, and transportations, so they do not totally take away from privacy and dignity. Check the level of care in your home before investing in a new home.


Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is the largest city in Wayne County and is also the county seat. It is located at the junction of four major highways, making it a popular location for medical and educational facilities.

The median household income in Grand Rapids is higher than the national average and higher than most cities, states. This makes it an attractive place to settle with jobs being plentiful and a high cost of living being part of the draw.

However, as in most places, age-related problems such as cancer and dementia are more prevalent in older populations. This makes it important for people to be diligent about planning for future care.

Nursing homes can be expensive places to stay at.


Warren is a city in Macomb County, Michigan, USA. The population was 18 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Warren County. It is located on State Route 20, approximately 13 miles north of Interstate 75 and its exit 43.

The city was named for the Delaware family that owned a large part of the land during colonial times.

Nursing home costs in Warren are average compared to other cities in Michigan. A forty-hour-a-week residence can cost around $45 per day, or around $10 per hour, which is cheap compared to other fields such as medical care or personal care.

Since residences are not very mobile, many choose to leave their things at home and just go to the institution for necessities like food and medicine. This cuts down on cost significantly!

By staying in your own home instead of visiting an elderly care facility, you are helping out your community and your loved ones.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a beautiful city in which to live. With a vibrant nightlife, historic landmarks, and close proximity to the natural beauty of the city’s core, Ann Arbor has become a popular place to live.

In fact, millions of people have moved to Ann Arbor for its great economy and historic buildings. So if you are looking to move to the fast-growing city of Detroit or Southfield with its awesome economy and quality of life, you should consider moving to Ann Arbor.

As we discussed earlier, cost of nursing home in Michigan is on the lower end. So if you are looking at where you can put your mother-in-law or your husband at your care when you are too old to care for yourself, then thee area is for you.

Many people choose not to go into administration but instead work as a case manager or aide with their new job. This allows them more control over their salary and schedule as they take care of whomever they wish while also operating under the administration.

Bloomfield Hills

Bloomfield Hills is a suburb of Detroit. It is home to the University of Michigan’s School of Medicine.

As you look at nursing homes in Michigan, Bloomfield Hills may be one you look at. Because of its location, it has a higher rate of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia.

Because of this, you may find more care homes in Bloomfield Hills that are for adult men instead of women. This is because there are more women who need care in their later life stages.

There are two places that offer elder care in Bloomfield Hills. One is at an apartment complex called Pinecrest Village, where residents go to live out their days. The other is a home for older men called Summerplace Manor, where residents can stay until they die.

Both places follow federal and state laws on standards for elder care.


Brighton is a city in the northern part of Michigan. It is known for its universities and major cities close by.

The city was named after the nearby peninsula of Brighton Beach, which is home to a large Russian population. This community established a beautiful summer beach to enjoy, and that tradition continues today.

Today, Brighton Beach is known for its summertime amusement pier, which hosts several annual events throughout the year. Some of these events include Family Fun Fairs, Art Walks, and Free Floatings.

Art Walks are usually not for the faint of heart; they usually focus on some graphic arts or non-industrial themes. However, since they are usually family friendly, there are always people willing to let you go without an appointment.

Clinton Township

A common cost of a Michigan nursing home is Clinton Township. This town is located next to Detroit and serves as a bedroom community for its residents.

Many people choose to relocated to a city or neighborhood where they can find friends and neighbors. Since this is one way to choose a nursing home, you will have people around you all the time.

The cost of a Clinton Township facility can be anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 a month, which is very costly. A more reliable option may be to look into regional hospitals in your area that have facilities that can accommodate patients.

These hospitals may have patient transfer capabilities, so you can go there with no problem. You will also need someone who knows how to get your at the facility, so doing either of those at home is not helpful.

East Lansing

A good place to stay in East Lansing is the Marriott Hotel. It is a medium-sized hotel with a nice lobby and public spaces.

The rooms are large and have cable/satellite TV, a writing desk, and an electric stove. The décor is modern and fun.

In addition to the hotel, there are several other large hotels in town that you can combine into one trip. All of them are within about a mile of each other so you can get some sights on two separate days!

On any given day, you can find museums, universities, or football games nearby. Or you can just go shopping or eat at one of the many restaurants located in town.

Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills is a city in Metro Detroit located just miles from downtown Detroit. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the metro area.

Estimated population: 54,000

density: 19,500 people per square mile (7,000 to 19,000 people)

arrival rate: Over 1000 per year (June – September)

founded: 1837 as Fort Defiance and renamed in 1853 for General William C. Mitchell who was its first post commander. It was later renamed as Farmington after a local farm named Farmington. In 1838 it was re-named Fort Defiance due to nearby rocky outcrops which served as defensive positions against foreign invaders. After the Revolutionary War, Michigan became the second U.S. state to establish its capital in Farmington, where President John Adams moved his administration in 1796 due to its good location and security.