Arthritis In Cats Home Remedies

Arthritis is an important topic to discuss in the veterinary community due to the increasing demand for effective treatments. As we discussed earlier, geriatric cats are at risk for arthritis, so it is important to properly diagnose and treat it.

When a younger cat gets arthritic, it can be scary. They may not be able to enjoy normal activities, walk around the house orTFew places as they were before. You can’t know if this is true until they have some changes in their knees, hips, and/or a few other major bones.

Some things that can stop or reduce the severity of an arthritic cat is finding an environment that has a lot of weather changes, lots of activity, and/or enough space. The second is having more than one cat!

This article will talk about some home remedies for arthritic cats.


Chicken meatball soup

Chicken is a prominent protein source in most diets. Depending on the brand you are talking to, it can be fed as a meat or a meat and bone broth product.

Having enough protein in your cat’s diet is important. Most people know that protein helps build and repair our body, but not every cat will like certain ingredients. Some cats may even prefer something that looks or tastes like meat!

How much your pet needs may vary based on their age, weight, health, and quality of life. A short-term need can be tasty food or two for your cat!

Chicken is an important source of iron, which helps repair blood cells (hematopoiesis). This may help with some signs of joint damage caused by disease or age.

Chicken broth

Chicken is a high quality protein. It is also low in fat and easy to make. You can even do it the quick version where you just put the chicken in the fridge or freezer until you had time to prepare it.

So what if your friend with arthritis had a hard time putting all of the pieces together? Then having chicken broth could be a helpful remèd. The broth can be mixed with water and drunk as a drink, or added to cooked dishes or made into lasagna if mixed with ground beef.

It could also be used as a base for savories such as broths or mixtures of vegetables and spices. Or even as an additive in pet food, to help your friend with arthritis get enough protein and nutrition.

Chicken broth has many uses, but one of the most important is in remèds.riottinge pain and promoting general health and wellness.

Herbal supplements

While most supplements are safe for humans, there are some that are not for our pets. These include ginkgo leaf and whole ginkgo leaf, which can be toxic to humans.

Ginkgo is a plant compound called a cardo- logue. This includes the green leaves, thin bark, and sometimes roots.

Cordless drill is another one of those things you don’t want your cat to have. By having this tool, she could potentially test her health with no benefit.

Yet, this may be more important to her than you realize. According to a study in the Journal of Feline Medicine & Science, having an electric drill in your home may increase your pet’s risk of bone cancer.

Witch hazel

A very popular home remedy for arthritis in cats is to give them a pack of witch hazel wipes.witch hazel wipesare a great way to help prevent excessive cleaning as wellas treating illness or injury.

Witch hazel is an okay cleanser for most people, but because it is so hard to understand how much medicine you should have on hand, it is still common to give it to cats. The wipes are about a quarter of the size of the pill bottles your cat gets regular medicine in, so it is easier for the kittie to manage and swallow it.

The key points in giving witch hazel as a dietary supplement for cats with arthritis is: Give one wipe per day, two days in a row if needed; use softening witch hazel instead of plain; and do not give any drugs unless your cat needs them.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy has become very popular and accepted in veterinary school and veterinary practice. A lot of my clients are massage therapists who go to college to get their Massage Therapy certification.

Cats enjoy being touched, so this is a well-received therapy. Most massage therapists use a special handrub style of massaging. Your therapist will help you choose essential oils to help scent your cat and create comfort during your session.

Some cats are sensitive to certain oils and/or the way they’re applied, so you may be asked to test your oil on a small area first to make sure no problem cats can’t handle it.

Massage therapy does not replace medicine or treatment; it extends what your cat gets enough time for after all health issues arise. It also helps with pain management as the therapist helps relieve any pain from the issue being treated.

Adaptive supplies

Adaptive supplies is a well-known brand of home medicine products. They offer many different products for pets, many of which are recommended by veterinary professionals.

Many of their products are sold in gourmet diets, making it easy to find the right balance of foods for your pet. Some of their products are even sold in grocery stores, making them available to all pets.

One product that they offer as a Paste is called Adaptive Care Home Remedy Paste. This paste can be used on all types of surfaces, including your pet’s feet. It does not seem to help much with inflammation, but may help with pain and comfort.

As with any medication, your pet should be given a prescription from a vet for Adaptive supplies’ product and used as needed.

Warm water bath

This is one of the most ancient home remediologies. As the name suggests, this technique is meant to heat water and bathe your cat in a warm, relaxing way.

It was originally used to cool off a sick or injured animal. Today, it is most commonly used by new owners to teach their cat how to use a bathroom break or for fun bathroom breaks.

As with humans, if your cat does not seem comfortable or does not appear healthy, it may be better to stop the bath and get out of the suction. A good rule of thumb is one full bath per week!

However, there are many cats fancy bath products that contain herbs and/or vitamins that can be applied to the skin. These are generally designed for non-scalding pets that have some kind of Bathmat or soft cover they can lay on while bathing.

If you have other cats, consider offering some common ailments such as virus, tumor, etc.

Raised feed bowl

is a new way to care for your cat that does not involve offering your cat food and water. This is more appropriate for small children who wash their dishes as they can.

By placing a raised feed bowl in your cat’s environment, she will be encouraged to eat and drink what she needs to keep her healthy. A raised feed bowl comes in different sizes, each of which houses a different size food or liquid.

By leaving the food or liquid in the bowl, your cat will be encouraged to learn how to use the water and how to flavor it if she wants to.