Air Wick Automatic Spray Not Working

A lot of people were enjoying the new automatic spray washracks from Air Wick, so they were making a lot of calls for people to try them out. Many people were having problems with theauntioanl Automatic Spray not working threadervention.

A few people had great experiences with it, but overall, it was not a fan-favorite feature. Some people did not find it useful enough to keep this automatic spray washing tool.

The feature does work though, and you will be able to stop it in its tracks if you are smart about it. Taking the time to start and stop the tool will give you some time to solve any problems that may arise.

This article will talk about how to fix the anteater Automatic Spray not working issue.

Ensure the can is full of liquid

If the can is empty, check it for cracks or other signs that the can was open. If it is, then the unit is working, and you are just out of a can of air Wick Automatic Spray Not Working.

If there is still liquid in the can, then you have another chance to purchase this unit. Try checking it for any dry spots or spots that look unappealing. If one of these conditions is present, try purchasing another unit to make sure it works.

If all of these steps fail, then your next step is to call support phone number data helped at (800) 762-2927 to see if they have a solution for you. industry-wide, approximately half of all sprays that are purchased function properly.

Try shaking the can

If the can does not appear to be working, try shaking it as hard as you can. If that does not work, call our toll-free number at 800-958-5227 and ask for a new can.

If the problem is in the cartridge, you will need to change it. Our cartridge kits are easy to use and come with a detailed instruction book to help you manage your system.

We offer automatic sprays for all types of household surfaces including furniture, floors, ceilings and oceans. Most of our automatic sprays are thermal, which warms up quickly so you do not have to wait for it to heat up before pouring something onto the surface.

Our ocean sprays are designed to last for hours after turned off so you do not have to constantly start them when things begin to smell or guests wantto freshen up.

Check the lid for cracks or tears

If the automatic spray is working, check to make sure it is charging. If it is, then you are ready to try again!

If the automatic spray is not charging or working, make sure that you have selected the correct voltage and/or power for your device. If so, try turning it off and on again to correct the problem.

If this works, try adding some dish soap to see if that works, or putting a little peppermint oil on it. Put a couple of drops of oil on each end of the wand and then let them sit for a few minutes before spraying. If those work, then you may need something more advanced like Bain Deep Cleaner or Antiox Personal Care Cleaner.

As with any cleaning product, do not use anything rough or strong with this one! Keep them gentle so that it does not damage the unit.

Replace the cartridge

If the automatic spray is not working, try changing the cartridge. Approximately every two to three weeks, the cartridge will needs to be replaced.

When a cartridge is changed, it is taken out of the unit and a new one is installed. This process is repeated if something goes wrong such as unable to turn on or off or change sprays.

To replace the cartridge, you must first remove the old one using a pointed object such as an eye pencil lead or paper clip. Then you can fill in the required information and re-inserted into the unit.

If your was working before this issue, then there may be a bad spray head problem causing lack of water flow or housing block not sealing correctly. Have it checked by an experienced tester.

Try a different fragrance

If you are already using a fragrance, try a different scent or use a little bit less of the product. You can still activate the system by adding more product to the wand, it is just the new scent that needs to be added.

If you are not using a fragrance yet, you can try out some of our favorite fragrances. All of our sprays have been very popular and successful brands who have created high quality products that smell good and work well. Some people do not find one scent works well on everyone and that is why they do not promote those as working well.

Make sure the unit is plugged in

If the unit is not working, then it may be plugged in incorrectly. Make sure that it is being used correctly.

Automatic sprays are a favorite of many people’s because they do not have to manually mist the air to make it work. Many people find that reassuring when they miss a spot and want to re-apply because it does work.

What you should do if the air Wick automatic spray does not work is check the batteries. If the batteries are still weak, then try changing them first instead of taking the unit out. Having a charged battery will help prevent the switch from going back to pump style mode which causes no odor or mist to come out.

If that does not help, then the unit may need replaced with a new one.

Reset the unit

If your unit has a reset feature, try using it first. If the reset feature does not work, then try checking that the valve is fully closed and locked in place, and that there is enough water available to fully spray the area.

If those problems are correct, then try turning the unit on and off to see if that works. If so, you have saved money by having the unit on when spraying is working, and off when it is not.

If not, check that there is sufficient water available to spray the area, that the valve is fully closed and locked in place, and that it is turned on and set up correctly. If needed, add some more water until it starts working!

Then try turning it off and on again to see if that fixes the problem.

Change the filter

When your Air Wick Automatic Spray is working, it is because of the filter. There are two filters in the unit – one for water and one for air. The water filter prevents debris from being sucked into the sprayer, while the air filter helps keep the unit running efficiently.

If your automated sprayer does not seem to be working as well as it should, it may be necessary to change the water and air filters. A wetted offsprings feeling can occur when the air and water filters are correct.

When buying a replacement filter, look for ones that are approximately two times bigger in diameter than the original filter. This will help ensure that there is enough space for the new one to fit in place.